Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sugru Good After 3 Years in the Freezer!

I recently needed to repair an Apple 30-pin to Lighting adapter cable.

I think the cable got caught in the seat-rail when I was adjusting my car seat.

As you can see it is pretty mangled.

Sugru is my go to for cable repair. And I might have some in the freezer. I had a few packets left over from a pack a while back and I divided them between the refrigerator and freezer to see how long they would keep.

I cannot recall when I tried the last refrigerator sample but it was a solid piece of rubber when I opened the packet. I found a packet of blue in the freezer!
And the use by date passed three years ago, July 9th, 2012. But what is the worst that could happen? So I decided to give the old Sugru a shot and tried to repair the damaged cable.
The texture felt the same when I opened the packet and it seemed to work like new. The repair set up overnight and seemed fine. The repair isn't the prettiest, but I can't blame that on the Sugru.
So it looks like the freezer is the place to store your unopened Sugru!

And if you live in the UK you have 16 more days to buy stock in the Sugru company via their Equity Crowdfunding campaign

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